My Time At Camp Walt Whitman – An American Kids Camp

During my four years at university I needed to earn money to get through the summer months but hated the fact that I couldn’t travel. A friend I had met on a previous trip had spent a summer working as a cabin counsellor on an American Kids Camp and told me how during this time you were given all their food and accommodation for free and after camp you were able to travel the states. Not only was your accommodation free but they also paid for your flight out and your flight back.

This sounded like the perfect solution, free flight, food and accommodation and the opportunity to travel – what more could I ask for? After further investigation I applied for a cabin counsellor position and was accepted at a camp called Walt Whitman. This beautiful camp was smack bang in the middle of New Hampshire country side made up of wooden cabins and big halls for indoor activities. Where the main mess hall was you would look out onto a lake which we used for different activities like swimming and sailing. It was just stunning.

The camp was a Jewish camp run by Bill and Nancy Dorfman and had been in the family for years.Their main focus was on sports and the camp was made up of many different activities including basketball, tennis, baseball, swimming and football but to name a few. Our job as cabin counsellors was to look after a small group of kids (usually about 7 or eight in total) and take them to all the different activities that were planned for that particular day. There were three cabin counsellors to each cabin and my kids were the youngest being only seven or eight years old.

Getting everyone up in the morning in our cabin was quite a challenge as the kids really didn’t like the early starts, but with a little persuasion they would eventually surface. Off we all went to the mess hall for breakfast which was always a heaving mass of people all trying to stuff as much food down their mouths as possible. With bellies full it was time for the morning meeting and catching up on any news. This was a daily ritual that took place at the flag pole right after the flag had been raised, boy do the Americans love their flags.

Looking after so many kids (I think there were 1000 in total) and planning their days was a huge undertaking and the owners spent the entire time before camp began to organize every last detail. We had activities set for every single day, done on a roster so that there was no confusion. Our job was to get the kids to the next activity on time and in one piece which believe me was not an easy task. Although our kids were all pretty good you did get a few that would do nothing but complain, I don’t want to do that, I’m too tired, I don’t like it, I hate you, were just some of their complaints. And sure enough we would always smile and say you’ll love it if you just give it a go as the kids would collapse in a heap on the floor and refuse to move. You certainly learn to be a very patient person when it comes to dealing with young children, but the rewards far outweighed the struggle.

As well as the sports the kids were able to do all sorts of crafts including woodwork, needle work, clay modelling, painting and many more. On Saturday we would all have a barbeque on a massive open fire (done in shifts due to the amount of people) and after everyone had eaten we would head off to the dance hall for our line dancing session with Mrs Dorfman Senior on the micro phone guiding us through each step. Our kids never really enjoyed the dancing but the counsellors loved it and would be up there for hours.

As well as the daily activities on camp, each cabin would head off for an overnight camping adventure through out their stay and take part on regular hiking days once a week, exploring the local New Hampshire country side. The older kids would go away for several days on either a hiking trip or a mountain biking adventure and were given more privileges because of their age. All in all the camp was set in a beautiful location with fantastic facilities and provided an amazingly full and active summer for all the kids who were lucky enough to be able to take part. My time at Walt Whitman was great and it really gave me an insight into how American kids see the world, we are really not that different, well maybe just a little.


Turn Your Home Into a High-Tech Hotel Room

Every once in a while, especially during vacations, families, and friends would check in at a fancy resort or hotel. Ideally, these luxury hotel rooms would be able to fascinate you with all their high-tech gadgets, widescreen televisions, automated doors and more. Any hotel that provides this service would often be costly. Why spend a lot to go to fancy hotel rooms when you can bring that experience to your very own home? There are many ways to turn homes into high-tech hotel-like rooms and those with the budget can start by getting these items:

Smart TV’s

Smart TV’s are not uncommon in the market. In fact, visiting the nearest electronics store will display their latest smart TV’s available. Aesthetically, a large smart TV would be the ideal option to make your homes look like a luxury hotel. Almost the options across different brands are similar so you have the freedom to choose which suits you best. Some allow you to browse through the net through voice activations. Others will detect specific hand gestures to operate commands.These smart TV’s will only get better as the years pass by.

Digital Keys

Hotels either have the usual physical keys for their locks or card keys that you can swipe. However, these can be a hassle especially in the case where they get misplaced. Fancier hotels, on the other hand, use digital keys that can be accessed usually through phones. There are two ways this can work. The first is similar to the concept of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Instead of actually having the card, an app of the phone can imitate that concept so you would not need the actual card. The second way would be through Bluetooth. There are high-tech locks that will automatically open once they detect your phone’s Bluetooth ID nearby so you can just walk right in without doing much.

Voice-Activated Rooms

So once you get into your home without touching anything, the next thing you might want to do is to turn on the lights still without touching anything. How? Voice activation. It is popular in the movies and fancy hotels. With just a short speech command, anything with that is voice-enabled will do its job. It is the step towards making Jarvis, artificial intelligence (AI) assistant of Tony Stark in popular comic book and movie, Iron Man. Wynn Las Vegas just recently integrated about 5,000 of their rooms with Echo, a voice-controlled speaker, allowing guests to easily communicate with the front desk or turn appliances on by simply telling it to do so.


In line with the voice-activated rooms, automation enabled by robots or AI, just like Echo, will further provide efficiency for anyone in the room. Automation is usually defined as something that turns on and off by itself. However, it goes beyond. Automation really is about technology allowing itself to be engaged only when needed to. To an extent, getting your room automated can even save a lot of money on the electricity bills.

Wireless Charging

Having a lot of wires tangled up in the room would be tedious to untangle. It can even break and cause you to buy new ones. With wireless charging, you save up space from not needing wires and you don’t always have to be near the sockets anymore. Some tables and desks in hotels have built-in chargers that when phones are nearby, they automatically charge.

Projector TV’s inside the Bathroom

This is perfect for anyone who likes taking their time when doing their business or just enjoy taking a bath. Make that an even better experience by having TV’s projected in your very own bathroom. A cheap trick would be through the use of mirrors on the ceilings. Match this with your Smart TV and you virtually do anything with it, play music with Spotify, watch YouTube videos, browse the internet, and more as if you have never left the living room.

Versatile Bathroom Walls

More on to the bathrooms, it can even be further upgraded, even down to the walls. Usually, bathrooms anywhere would be divided by glass walls that are translucent or can be covered by blinds. With chrome-enabled bathroom walls, you would not need any of those. With a push of a button, the bathroom wall can either be made translucent, transparent or just plain matte. This way the bathroom looks even more spacious when the walls are made transparent.


Travel Indonesia – Beyond The Cheap Flights, Hotels And Discounts

After more than 10 years, my family were finally able to go on a vacation together. Considering our limited resources, we decided to go to Indonesia.Our main destinations are Jakarta and Bandung, both on Java Island. Here I would like to share several observations that hopefully would help anybody planning to visit the republic, in the areas of money.

1) Wise Luggage Choice

We were surprised to find how willing the locals were at the airports to help load our luggages into the van. However, my father was quick to point out to all of us, NOT to allow them to do so. These helpers come at a cost. They are not helpful for no reason, and they will persistently push you for payment after helping you with your luggages, and insist that it is not adequate with the weight that they had lifted.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a roller luggage when you are travelling. They are much more convenient to carry around and therefore eliminates the need for assistance.

2) Know Your Currency Conversion Factor

Firstly, it is very important to shop around for the best conversion rate whenever you get your Rupiah. Personal Money in their November 2007 issue highlighted several Bureau de Change that offers the best rates and how to get the most out of your money for your perusal.

Secondly, now that you have your Rupiah, identify the conversion factor. When we exchanged our RM for Rp, Rp 1 000 000 = RM 364. Therefore, the conversion factor was 1000000/364, which is about 2747.25. Let’s round it up to 2750. So, whenever you go shopping and if you need a quick check on how much the item is worth in Malaysia, simply pop your calculator, and divide the X amount of Rupiah by the conversion factor, which in this case is 2750.

For example, a shirt priced at Rp89,500. Divide that by 2750, and you’ll know that it costs about RM 32.55

3) Be Nice To Your Tour Guide & Miscellaneous Spending

We were traveling in a group of nine, and we had tour guide/driver that drives us around and from city to city. I didn’t know what to make of his suggestions upon several places that we should visit, considering how familiar my parents are with the republic. It turns out that the agency/tour guide have an arrangement with those places.

Turns out, that is how the tour guide makes his living. He receives, or to be more accurate, he can claim some rewards from the shops that we shopped at the restaurants we dined in.

Another miscellaneous spending to keep in mind when planning your travel to Indonesia, is the unofficial street tolls/vendors that you might have to pay. Sometimes, in order to avoid the traffic congestions, the driver would take us into the villages, and the locals would be stationed every 30 meters or so, asking for ‘donations’. For the sake of your family, do pay!

However, when you are in the city and are stuck in traffic, it is not compulsory to pay the walking street performers or vendors. Some would be more persistent than the rest because they can smell tourists from a distance.

4) Location & Price

Prices of things vary from place to place, especially food. The price for Nasi Padang, famous for its variety would vary if you’re dining right in the center of Jakarta compared to Cengkareng.

So do keep that in mind ya?

5) Bargain Like There’s No Tomorrow

NEVER, EVER utter words such as so cheap! If so, you are at their mercy. Be a hardball, don’t be afraid to walk away if you think the item is too pricey…, more often than not two things would happen:

a) the shopkeeper would finally agree to lower the price according to yours.

b) you’ll find the same item in the store next door or one of the stores in the vicinity.

Also, if you find a good enough bargain, grab it! Don’t expect to get a better deal in Jakarta, or any other city you’re stopping by afterwards. You can’t win all the time. At least, minimize your losses. Trust me, when you find out that the same item cost more, or twice in the next city, you’ll start kicking yourself over that missed opportunity.

6) Cash is King

Be reminded that not every outlet in Indonesia accepts credit cards. There have been numerous stories where tourists, often wealthy and not such big fans of carrying too much cash around went to Indonesia, had a great meal at Puncak (which involves 17 dishes or so). Unfortunately when it comes to paying time, the restaurant back then do not receive credit cards payment…..

Indonesian businesses prefer to be paid instantly. This reduces the need to deal with the bank when it comes to credit payment. So unless you are staying in a five star hotel with very little movement outside the city, carry sufficient amount of cash for your perusal.

Hope these six tips help.


Cambodia Secrets of Sihanoukville?

One of the worst held secrets is the rapid emergence of Sihanoukville Cambodia as a major Asian beach resort town. Many that have been here in the past would smugly say I told you so, as to all it was readily apparent that this quiet little coastal beach town had all the makings for a long time now. All that is needed is more flights into the now open Sihanoukville airport; as soon as there is a direct flight from Bangkok; watch out this place is going to blow!

Three things make Sihanoukville especially appealing and you should take every opportunity to see Sihanoukville now before it becomes overrun, which it will in the very near future.

A 5 Star luxury Hotel Under $100

Sokha Beach Resort is a 5 star luxury beach resort that has it own long private beach, a pool the size of a small lake, a staff to guest ratio of 4 to 1, and all the other amenities that you would expect from a 5 star luxury beach resort for under a $100 a night! This price I can assure will not last for long. If your budget is under $100 a night there are lots of other Sihanoukville hotels and guesthouses available near the ocean with more being built at a furious rate.

The Sihanoukville Islands

The islands have always been the real secret there are not many places in the world where you can go to and have this many large undeveloped islands. This will be the area that in the next ten years will see a large growth spurt similar to what happened on Koa Sumui, Koh Phangan and now Koh Chang which incidentally is the closest islands group in Thailand to the Cambodia Thai border. It makes sense that Koh Rung Samleom and Koh Rung will see major things in the next 3 to 5 years and the Koh Tang groups do to its isolation, beauty and excellent scuba diving and water sports, will be the real Shangri la in the future.

Real money, make that Riel money.

The Cambodian economy is based on the US Dollar. What this means for you is ridiculously lower prices compared to a lot of other tourist destinations in South East Asia. Thailand being an excellent example as the Baht continues to get stronger despite a military junta running the country, and a major Muslim uprising in the southern three provinces, that has seen over 2500 killed in just a few years of on going guerrilla warfare. One of the reasons stated for the Junta to take power was to try to get that situation under control which from the news reports that do manage to come out of the region that they are no further along to a solution than they were a year ago.

The increased value of Korean, Malaysian, Singapore, Japanese and Chinese money against the US dollar make Cambodia even cheaper for the regional tourists with Koreans being the fastest growing sector of the tourism market. And the Asian tourists like a lot of things on offer in Sihanoukville including legal gambling and an abundance of very cheap seafood.

You know, I should also mention that despite what the biggest guide book says, it has a lot of really nice beaches to chill on.


Homestays In Shimla For A Fulfilling Holiday

I love exploring India to find its hidden treasures and it has impressed me every single time. It may not be a very popular holiday destination, but India does have plenty to offer for those who care to stop and experience something different. Shimla is among the spots I have had the pleasure to explore this country. It is in Himachal Pradesh and very popular hill town at that. Indian vacationers love this location probably because of the rich heritage, historical and cultural backgrounds it showcases. Some of the areas that are a must visit here include Observatory Hill, The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Arki Fort, Himachal State Museum and Hadimba Temple among many others. I just love the architecture behind all these sites.

A day is definitely never enough for me to enjoy all the things Shimla has to offer me and hence I always begin by thinking about my accommodation while here. Homestays in Shimla are some of the most rewarding because of how comfortable and convenient they are. They are made up of villas, apartments, contemporary houses, farmhouses and cottages. Each of these options has something unique to offer during a stay. To get the best, I start by evaluating what kind of stay I want to enjoy, the number of people I am travelling with, the locations and sites I am interested while visiting Shimla and the amount of money I wish to spend during the vacation.

After I have a clear picture of what my visit to the town should be like, I start looking through the Shimla homestays available for my dates of travel. There are very good online sites with all details I need about the homestays to make my choice according to my preferences. Such information sources have detailed information on the facilities and include pictures of the exteriors and interiors. Using such information, I get to compare homestays in Shimla and choose accordingly. Some of the cheaper homestays options are Sharma Home Stay in Shimla, Aamantran Stays, Rajkumari Amritkaur Guest House.

The location of the homestays, its size, amenities provided for and the rates are some of the things I must look at before making my selection. Even though the holidays are supposed to be about relaxing, I make sure that the property I select has an internet connection so I can stay in touch with those who matter and updated about things that matter. I am also a nature lover and I pay attention to where the accommodation facility is located. Considering that Shimla is surrounded by thick green valleys, pine tree forests that are dense and lofty mountains, I select a homestays offering me some of these magnificent views. like Observatory Hill Guest House.

Amongst the things I love the most about the homestays here is how comfortable they are designed to be. There are cozy sitting areas and very comfortable beds and relaxing bathrooms in most of the facilities. Most also some fully equipped and supplied with personal effects travelers like me may need during the vacation. I do not have to pack up too much of my stuff when going for a homestays vacation in this town. Some famous guesthouses in shimla are Exotic Naturals Guest House, Aapo Aap Home Stay, Shimla Guest House, Kumar Guest House, Chandan Guest house.


Enjoy a Historic Puri Tour and Relax With Good Puri Hotels

Puri is one of the places offering a combo pack of pilgrimage as well as tourism. Puri tourist attractions are renowned not only in India, but in abroad also. Several hotels in Puri offering comfortable accommodation are available in different price ranges. Find out more about Puri tourist attractions and also check some good hotels in Puri for your next stay.

One of the char dhams, Puri is also a famous for its beaches. Jagannath Temple is the identity of Puri. It is the most ancient temple and has great religious importance. Puri beach is famous for offering beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. Time management during a trip is important. Wake up early and go to sea beach for experiencing the view of sunrise. After taking a dip in the sea, head to Jagannath Temple. At first, visit the main temple where the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra are situated. Half day is ideal to explore the Jagannath Temple. Do not worry about the lunch, the Mahaprasad prepared for the bhog of Lord Jagannath is distributed to devotees after that. It can easily serve you as a full course meal. At the time of sunset, return back to the beach and catch the beautiful sunset which is an ultimate experience in itself. Take care of some dos and dont’s to make your trip historic. Leave the beach before 8 pm in night. Do not try food in the road side food stalls as it is unhygienic and can be a threat to your health. Beware of the Pandas (priests) in the Jagannath Temple; they can extract unnecessary money from you on the name of prayers. You can plan a trip to Konark on the next day. The Sun Temple and nearby Chandrabhaga Beach are worth visiting. You can try out Oriya cuisines and the various kinds of sweets in Shyama and Kakatua. Puja items, shell works and pearls can be shopped from the shops nearby beach.

Puri is well connected with rest of India by rail and road. Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar is the nearest air-terminal, 65 km away. Puri hotels provide accommodation to the visitors belonging from every class of society. Some of them are have a close proximity to both Jagannath Temple and beach. Try to book your accommodation in sea-facing hotels in Puri. The cool breeze of the sea and the view of sunrise and sunset will make your trip historic in true means and leave a memorable experience for lifetime.

Puri Hotels

Hotel Holiday Resort on Chakratirtha Road is a 4 star beach resort located right next to the beautiful Puri beach. It has an excellent overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 from 108 reviews and is recommended by almost 9 out of 10 guests stayed here. Room tariff is between Rs.2300-6900. Hotel Naren Palace, one among the mid-budget Puri hotels, is located just 200 meters from the famous Puri beach. It has an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 from 144 reviews and 76% customer recommendation. The hotel offers quality staying options in a price range Rs.1680-3000. Hotel Nayak Plaza, Grand Road is one of ideally located budget hotels in Puri priced Rs.600-1500.


Choosing the Best Cape Town Apartments and Accommodation for Your One of a Kind South Africa Holiday

There are tens of thousands of Cape Town apartments and accommodation that you can choose from. And with all the options you have, you may find it difficult to choose which one will surely give you the best service during your stay. Looking through pictures and reading some descriptions may not be enough to find the best accommodations, may not be enough to find the perfect place to spend your South Africa holiday.

This task is challenging for those who have never spent their vacation in South Africa. You really have to narrow down your options based on the attractions that you want to visit and depending on the type of vacation that you want. Ask yourself whether you want a place where you can easily hire a car to get to your destination or you want something that is closer to the attractions, where a short walk is enough to get you to the center of the action. There are a lot of things to consider.

To help you make your decision, let me show you around Cape Town and give you some tips on what you can do in this wonderful place. This way you will be able to find the perfect Cape Town apartment or accommodation that will highlight your stay. Though it may not be huge like other cities, Cape Town offers different things for tourists and locals alike. From dynamic city life to tranquil verve of the seaside Cape Town has it all.

The Waterfront is one of the most visited places here in Cape Town. Here you will see a wide array of cosmopolitan shops, restaurants that serve sumptuous dishes and a place that is packed with entertainment. Here you will find a wide selection of apartments and accommodations that allows you to experience the busy life of the waterfront, the moment you step out from your room.

Some of these apartments are situated in a way that you will be able to see the spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. If you find the perfect spot, you can even see the entire city and the famous vineyards in the West part of Cape Town.

Strolling the city streets, visiting different shops, window shopping are just some of the things that you can do in the city. In the Waterfront area, you will be presented with different options. You can easily hire a ferry that will take you to Robben Island to know more about the life of Nelson Mandela or you can also take a cruise around Table Bay. You can also enjoy yourself just by sitting in a restaurant, eating a delicious dish and at the same time be entertained with the street performances.

However, if you want a more tranquil place to spend your holiday, you may want to go for a Cape Town apartment that is situated near the Camps Bay area. It is located in the southern end of the city and you may need to hire a car if you want to explore the Waterfront or the city of Cape Town. Public transport is also available.

Clifton and Camps Bay provide a sophisticated yet homely environment that makes you feel right at home. The golden sand beaches and the wide array of restaurants will keep you occupied during your stay. And not only that, there are shops that offer a wide variety of things to suit different tastes.

Elegant Cape Town apartments also allow you to discover the Cape Point area. Visit the Flying Dutchman railway and journey up to the highest point above the ocean to see the two seas mingle. Here you will be welcomed with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean which give you just an inkling of how it must have been to round Cape Point in a sailing ship of old.


Holiday Accommodation at Broadbeach on Australia’s Gold Coast

Wheres Broadbeach you ask, well I’m glad you did, stay with me and let me tell you about a paradise like destination with a friendly people, a temperate climate, blue ocean and white sandy beaches.

I’m sure the bit about oceans and beaches got you interested and I can understand, relaxing on a peaceful beach under glorious sunshine while watching the waves role in is something many only ever get to dream about. Not at Broadbeach on Australia’s Gold Coast though, this little suburb is blessed.

Broadbeach is a suburb of the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s most popular tourism destinations due to it’s near perfect all year round climate and long stretching sandy beaches. It’s also a very safe place, and very popular with international tourists which many have settled here making the region very multi-cultural.

While on the Gold Coast many people choose to stay at Broadbeach for a number of reasons including it’s very central location, a little more relaxed and quieter than the adjacent Surfers Paradise, great dining options and it’s proximity to the beach.

The bulk of the holiday accommodation available in Broadbeach is nestled between the Gold Coast Highway and the beach front. So, most places are only a five minute or less, stroll to the beach. A few places have direct beach access and many places offer beach front and ocean views.

Most of the accommodation options in Broadbeach are resort apartments, there’s only a couple of hotels including the Sofitel and Conrad Jupiters which is also a casino and entertainment complex. Most of the accommodation buildings are of a high standard, but do note that some of the smaller places are showing their age being built back in the 70’s and 80’s. Regardless, they are still kept clean with friendly helpful staff and may offer a saving over the newer establishments.

The best deals on accommodation in the area can be found during off-peak periods, meaning outside Australia’s school holiday times, and outside of major events and conferences that are often held at the Gold Coast Exhibition centre.

There are many discount online accommodation providers who usually offer prices well below rack rates and occasionally offer package specials, check the site for a full list of online booking agents.


Simple Accommodations and Quality Services at INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City in the Philippines

For simple, decent yet highly efficient hotel accommodations, people can always stay inside INNSISON Apartelles, which is conveniently located at the corner of Dominican Road in Baguio City. Many travelers and tourists love to stay inside this three-star Baguio hotel because of its economical rates, comfortable features, and efficient services. For the safety of everyone, this place has state-of-the-art sprinkler systems and other fire safety features. To counter the cold weather in the city, this lodging facility offers continuous supply of hot water. Because of its very own deep well, guests are assured of uninterrupted water supply especially when summer time comes.

INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City offers its guests free wireless internet access, allowing them to conduct very important online transactions, communications, and many more. Because this Baguio hotel is managed directly by its owners, people can expect utmost friendliness, hospitality, and personalized services. More importantly, those who choose to stay inside this lodging inn are ensured of safe and worry-free accommodations, thanks to its 24-hour security guards. For guests with vehicles, this hotel facility is very convenient as it offers a fully secured and spacious parking area, which can accommodate almost all of its guests.

The guestrooms of INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City have simple yet highly convenient features. Standard-Double Rooms and Standard-Twin Rooms cost 1,290 pesos, while Standard-Quadruple Rooms are priced 1,800 pesos each. For those who wish to try Family Deluxe Suites or Family Suite Apartels, the daily rate is 2,500 pesos. On the other hand, this Baguio hotel also features Family Apartels for 3,000 pesos, while Family Deluxe Apartels are available for the price of 3,500 pesos. All of these nice and cozy guestrooms have hot showers, private bathrooms, and complete toilet fixtures. Additionally, almost all of its rooms are comprised of cable television sets, inviting beds, and cozy ambiance.

People can easily go to INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City, which is precisely situated along Naguilian Road at the corner of Dominican Road. Some of the closest places near this Baguio hotel include Baguio City Hall, Baguio City Welcome Arch, and Coyeesan Mall. It is also situated near food service providers including O-Mai Khan, Chico Japanese Cuisine, and Muang Thai Restaurant. For a chance to taste enticing international dishes, the top choices are Korean Bulgogi Restaurant, Mandarin Restaurant, and Pizza Volante.

For questions and comments, people can communicate with the staff of INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City through the email address Simultaneously, they can also call this Baguio hotel using the cellular phone number 0917-8488500.


Hotels in Bhopal – The Haveli Experience

Bhopal is an ancient city that is filled with numerous old palaces and mansions. Many of these mansions have been converted into hotels and home stays. The most important feature about these hotels is the fact that most of the original interiors have been maintained. Some of the original furniture has also been retained in these havelis. These heritage hotels are the closest that guests can get, in their quest to experience the old lifestyle of the kings and queens. Heritage hotels provide personalized services for their guests and take care of their every concern. This is one of the most important features of heritage hotels. These heritage hotels are the best place where you can experience the extravagance of the rulers of yore.

The hotels in Bhopal have many paintings and portraits of all rulers and their families as well. These Bhopal hotels are in essence a tribute to the past and they act like a museum of sorts. The Jehan Numa Palace and Nur Us Saba Palace are the main heritage hotels in the city of Bhopal. Staying at these hotels can be an experience in itself and it is something that you should try out at least once in your life. The above palace is located on the slopes of the Shamna Hills and it provides some spectacular views from within. The hotel is spread over an area of around five acres.

The Jehan Juma Palace is located around 12 kilometers from the airport and around five kilometers from the railway station. The rooms in this hotel comprise of a good mix of deluxe rooms, standard rooms and suites. This hotel is an ideal choice for couples who’re on their honeymoon, as the staff in this hotel will pamper them with luxuries, ensuring that they carry happy memories of their stay in the future. The restaurant at the Jehan Numa Palace serves a whole array of dishes and this includes North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani, Continental and Chinese delicacies. The bar provides a cocktail experience like none other and it has a good stock of local and foreign brands of liquor. The coffee shop in this hotel is an ideal place where you can lounge and sip some tea or coffee during the evenings. They serve different types of coffee and snacks.

This is one of the few Bhopal hotels to house a swimming pool, a museum, and a library. Guests can keep in touch with the outside world with the help of the internet center that’s present within the hotel. The hotel also houses a shopping arcade, beauty salon, and provides postal services, doctor on call services, and car rental and babysitting facilities.