Hotel Bookings – Better Online Or by Telephone?

If you need to reserve a hotel room in advance of your arrival, there are more than a few options simply because on line shopping involves other options. Like which on line site to use? Use an ‘auction’ site? A corporate or franchise site? A Third Party “discount” site? The other option is to call directly to the hotel.

Call directly: The advantages are plentiful. You can easily get directions for driving or for shuttles, immediate confirmation numbers, ability to ask the front desk agent or reservation taker some details about the property, etc. Different rates can be discussed. When times are competitive (summer, seasonal, sold out conditions in the area) there are less options on rates. Which is why it is good to TALK to somebody – you might find a week later the rate is 1/3rd versus your desired date. Always ask to get the lowest best available rate; be it Internet rate, on line rate, triple A, etc. One disadvantage is the cost of the phone call – unless the hotel has an 800 number. My travel advice is this is the best option, especially if you have questions about the hotel or area.

Book on line: Advantages: Generally the rate will be the lowest (at least as far as corporate and franchise direct sites go) than you will find anywhere. Most reservations are completely secure and credit card info protected. No need to wait on the phone for a human. Disadvantages: Usually more expensive than just showing up at the hotel or motel. May have to pre-pay for advance dates (doesn’t make long term financial sense) AND reservation may be non cancelable, even if months away. No communication with the hotel whatsoever so you can’t ask where the nearest 24 coffee shop is. Can’t even find hotel’s phone number on Third Party sites. Confirmation number given by Third Party sites is NOT the same number the hotels use, so checking on a reservation can be more difficult. Special Requests” are not always passed along.

There are valid reasons for using ALL of these strategies. The one that fits a majority of your needs (be it time, money or both) is the one to use even if it takes more of one than the other.


A Hotel Is A Hotel, Right?

I recently travelled to another country. And no, not a non-English speaking one, and not one that I had never been to before, that’s a whole other topic for a whole other article. I travelled to England and for the first time ever there, stayed in a hotel and not with relatives or friends. This hotel was in a big city, close to train stations and major attractions, and a beautiful, clean facility. That being said, I did notice some differences from staying in typical North American hotels.

The first thing was that the room utilized all of its space really well. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place. Instead of a headboard, they had used giant framed pieces of art that doubled as both a headboard and visual focal point for the room.

Since I was going from one electric voltage to another, I had brought an adapter plug with me, but found I didn’t need it to charge my phone as I could simply use the on-wall charging station. But here’s something that I found odd, the bathroom was partitioned from the main living space of the room only by a glass sliding door. It didn’t lock and it didn’t even reach all the way to the wall, so there was always a gap. In North America we are trained to go into the bathroom, close the heavy wooden door, lock it and then go about our business. Not so there, and as a friend pointed out, there was also no extractor fan and no window. The toilet also had two flush options– I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

Then there was the tissue supply, or lack thereof. In North American hotels there are usually tissues in both the room and the bathroom, not so on the other side of the pond. If you are travelling there, bring your own!

The cutest difference I found was that there was an umbrella assigned to each room, right there in the closet. The note on it said that you were welcome to use it on your stay but to leave it in the room when you left. Never seen that before in a North American hotel!

It was a lovely hotel, in a great area in a hustle and bustle type of European city. The trip was wonderful, the beds comfortable and the little differences sweet. Even the staff were as helpful as could be.


Las Vegas Hotels – The Top 5 Cheapest Ways to Book Your Hotel Room

Almost everyone visiting Las Vegas needs a hotel room and there are many ways to receive a cheaper rate when booking. I will list them here in order of effectiveness, but remember a little effort searching now can help you save a lot of money for gambling or partying later.

1. Deal Websites

If you are looking for just a hotel room, and not a flight, deal websites are the best places to find cheap rates. You can look on Deal News or Slickdeals for some of the best rates in Las Vegas. To find deals pertaining to hotels, just type “Las Vegas” into the search box and most of the deals found in the search will pertain to hotels. I have seen rates for $69 a night at Planet Hollywood Towers and $39 a night at MGM Grand. Both deals are fantastic, so do not rule out finding a great deal on a third-party website.

2. Southwest Vacation Packages

This might seem surprising to people, but if Southwest services your nearest airport you may be in for a load of easy savings. When you book your hotel and flight at the same time both the hotel and the airline are subsidizing their prices, which means more savings for you. I would not have believed it either, because I feel like most vacation packages do not save you much money. Luckily, I learned quickly and have booked many vacation packages from, but only after searching for better deal unsuccessfully.

Pro Tip

If you are looking to stay in Vegas for the weekend but have flexible flight times it is often cheaper to leave Monday rather than Sunday. You get an extra night in the hotel for less money! The main reason for this is because flights on Monday are usually cheaper than Sunday flights so you can extend your stay and keep more money to yourself.


Southwest vacation packages are not ticketless. This means they send you your plane tickets in the mail, and if you lose them you will have to pay for a new flight. This also means you cannot check in using your credit card when you get to the airport and to save time you should go through the assisted check in line.

Example Deal

Hotel: The Wynn

Room Type: Resort King

# of Nights: 5 (Thursday through Tuesday)

# of People: 2

Flight: San Jose, CA to Las Vegas (Direct)

Cost: $800 total ($400 per person)

Dates: June 17, 2010 through June 22, 2010

Vegas hotels are most expensive Thursday through Saturday and June is a very popular time for people to go to Vegas. During this weekend many events were going on including the World Series of Poker, a North American Poker Tour event, and a MMA fight to name a few. Weekend rates at the Wynn can easily be over $200 a night and flights from San Jose to Vegas are about $150 each so I received the rooms at less than 50% of their normal rates.

3. Kayak

Searching through a third-party travel site is a great way to find hotel deals. I prefer Kayak because it searches many of the other websites such as Orbitz and Priceline, but usually Orbitz has the cheapest rates. To find the cheapest hotel you are willing to stay at just enter the dates of your trip and sort by price. If you want a particular hotel Kayak is still a good place to look for low rates and all you need to do is enter the hotel’s name.


1. The hotel prices on Kayak include estimated taxes. The reason for this is because of taxes and fees associated with the third party website. Orbitz is straightforward with their fees but oftentimes the other sites Kayak searches are not, so please do not assume you will get the price listed. Make sure you double check the end price on the site you chose to purchase from.

2. When you book through third-party sites you are not always guaranteed how many beds your room will have. If you need two beds check your hotel’s website to make sure they offer two beds for your room type, and call the hotel to request a room with two beds a few days after booking. The worker will usually be more than happy to help you out and it is very likely you will receive two beds when checking in.

Pro Tips

1. Orbitz almost always has promotion codes you can enter during booking to save $25 to $75 depending on your length of stay. The best deal I have seen is 15% off any stay, but it was only available for 72 hours.

2. Hotel fees are usually based on how many people are staying in the room. If you say you have 2 people staying in the room instead of 3 or 4 you can save a lot of money in fees.

Example Deal

Hotel: Excalibur

Room Type: Tower Room

# of Nights: 5 (Friday through Wednesday)

# of People: 2

Cost: $225

Dates: May 23, 2008 through May 28, 2008 (Memorial Day Weekend)

This deal is pretty good considering it was Memorial Day weekend. I found the deal on Kayak, and booked through Orbitz. I also had a $75 promotion code for a 5 night hotel stay, which made this deal even better.

4. Twitter

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a social media employee tweeting about their latest deals. This means if you follow every hotel on Twitter you are bound to see great rates offered. Sometimes the links tweeted are only advertised using Twitter, so it is a legitimate source for finding deals. I have seen $20 room rates at Hard Rock and $24 rates at Excalibur.

5. Sign Up for Each Hotel’s Email List

Some of the best deals can be sent directly to your email address. If you do not mind the spam MGM, Palazzo, and the Venetian send a lot of deals through email. Oftentimes these emails will have special links where you can book the hotel at a cheaper rate then if you just went to the hotel’s main website. These deals may also include free extras such as slot play, discount show tickets, club passes, and much more.

Example Deal

Hotel: The Venetian

Room Type: Venetian Luxury

# of Nights: 4 (Sunday through Thursday)

# of People: 2

Dates: July 11, 2010 through July 15, 2010

Cost: $476

$119 a night is pretty good for a suite at the Venetian. Not only that but it included extras such as $40 off Phantom tickets, $10 off your bill at Lagasse Stadium, line passes to LAVO Nightclub, and $25 in slot credits.


Beach resorts in the USA

US facts

The United States, the United States or the United States of America is a huge country. It is located throughout the North American region. The United States is often referred to as the United States, America, or the United States, simply “states.” It has a total area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, which is about half the size of Russia – the same land area of ​​China.

The United States boasts the third largest population in the world after India, after China (with a population of about 300 million). This wonderfully powerful country includes densely populated cities, such as its suburbs, as well as its vast, naturally beautiful, uninhabited areas. The country has a history of mass immigration dating back to the 17th century. The United States is considered a melting pot of cultures around the world.

The United States is not the America portrayed in film and television. Rather, this country is complex and diverse. Traveling through the regions of this country can be costly and time consuming due to the distances involved.

US beach resorts in the Atlantic

Anchorage Motel – This resort և hotel is located at Desert St Bar Bar Harbor, ME USA 04609. It has attractive, clean, spacious rooms in the heart of the Bar Barar family, and even operates as a people-owned property. who know how to provide professional services.

It is best to arrange an arrival date after 7 pm. From this resort you can easily reach bus tours, bike rental և Whale watching events as well as sights, free concerts, shops, restaurants և trips to the village greenery. It is just one mile from the new Scottish ferry կ Acadia National Park.

This resort has 50 rooms և 2 floors. Hotel facilities include cable TV, city center, wake-up service, telephone, as well as 24-hour front desk, air-conditioned rooms, wireless internet access. Check-in time is 2pm at this hotel and check-out time is 11am the next day. You have to pay in US dollars.

Bar Harbor Inn – This hotel is located at Newportport 1, Bar Harbor ME USA 04609. This hotel or resort is considered one of Bar Harbor’s premier oceanfront venues with great urban amenities. According to the official guidelines of the hotel, it is considered a superior 1st class. It has more than 1,000 feet of ocean, as well as 8 acres of lush gardens and meadows. In addition, this site has 3 particularly beautiful buildings, which are included in the quiet palm road.

It has an elegant set of rooms, king-size beds with premium bedding. Almost all the rooms on this site have pool balconies. Hotel amenities range from complimentary continental breakfast to wireless Internet access to luxury clothing. Moreover, the hotel has a “Restaurant Room” restaurant, which offers wonderful dishes.

The area has 153 elegantly decorated rooms և 3 floors. Hotel amenities include a fitness center, spa, swimming pool, child seat services, valet services, free parking, telephone, meeting facilities, lounge, cable TV, free newspaper. They also have coffee makers in hotel rooms, facilities for the disabled, and room service.


Best East Coast Luxury Hotels from Maine to Key West

The east coast of the United States stretches for about 1,800 miles from the picturesque Canadian border of Maine to the colorful Latino-influenced Miami, which offers a range of experiences along the way. What kind of vacation are you looking for? There are many luxury hotels along this coast of the East Coast to provide it in style.

The northern states of New England offer America’s oldest history, and autumn foliage colors are legendary. Boston has a compact historic center that can be explored along the red brick line of major attractions. The Eliot Hotel, a contender for the Conde Nast Gold List, one of the most expensive luxury hotels in Boston’s elegant Back Bay district, provides a great base for exploring the city.

New Jersey և New York’s Transatlantic States invite thousands of international visitors each year to see New York City attractions. Luxury hotels in New York can be found on every block, all within walking distance of the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue stores, and Central Park attractions. The pier stands out from the rest, literally, as it overlooks Central Park, a mile from the Museum in the Upper East Side. Those who want to cut costs, but not the standard, should consider the luxury hotels in New Jersey, just a big train from the Big Apple. Robert Treat Hotel offers great luxury hotels in the Newark Art District at very reasonable prices.

Located on the south coast of the United States is the capital, Washington, DC, with its government buildings and attractions, including the White House, the Capitol, and the Lincoln Memorial. Located in the south of Orjown, the Four Seasons Hotel is ideal for business and leisure travelers looking for luxury hotels in the capital with good amenities.

The Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are known for their mild winters. It is popular with vacationers, winter snow farms, retirees all year round, sandy beaches and natural wildlife. Families gather in Orlando theme parks before heading to the beaches around Canaanrell or Tampa for a quiet getaway or trip. The only resting place for Orlando residents is Westin Grand Bohemia, one of Orlando’s few luxury hotels that treats guests to proper adult և appropriate sanction service.

The last 100 miles are roughly along the US Highway, from island to island by bridges, reaching Key West, the end of the line. Walking along the route, Little Palm Island will be a great resort just 20 miles west of Marathon Key. From the soft sandy beach of this luxurious Casey Hotel in Florida, you are as close to the Caribbean Island as you can get without a boat.


How to save money by staying in cheap motels without sacrificing comfort? Cheap business trip

I used to work for a big company that had a big budget to stay in big hotels. Since I recently started working for myself ավելի traveling by plane more by car, I found that I had to find a way to go everywhere և do what I used to do for my old boss, but on a shoemaker budget. I found the best way to do this by lowering my previous standards and adopting a Hilton և Marriott 2-star աստ Motel 6 quality. You can usually reduce your account by one package. Where I stay, I usually pay in the range of $ 32 at the bottom end to $ 50 at the top end of the domain. You can save a lot of cash in a matter of days. Cost savings are bad, but there are drawbacks. Compared to the hotel name brand, you are more likely to come across poorly cleaned rooms, slim, unaccounted for bath towels, noisy environments, bed bugs, and germs.

I came up with a habit that some would say is crazy, but if you’re going to stay the way I used to be, it will save you money without sacrificing all your comfort or health. When I travel, I always carry my own pillow, top sheet, light sleeping bag, disinfectant spray, 2 towels and a sink, some plastic bags. Extra slippers or toe pads to protect your feet from dirty carpets and a pair of headphones if you have neighbors.

The first thing I do when I get to my room is pick up one of the motel sinks and sprinkle some disinfectant on it. I wipe the remote control with the disinfectant և clasp on the TV, receiver և buttons, endowed lamp switches և light switches և door knobs. Next I take the bedspread, the blanket, the pillow, the top sheets, and tuck them in the corner. I lay the sheet on the bed, then my sleeping bag and pillow. Finally I turn my attention to the bathroom. The towels they provide are usually cotton swabs that are not enough for bathing, so use them to clean them.

I disinfect the faucet handles in the sink և shower / bath, wipe the bath or shower և toilet. Place dirty cleaning towels in the corner եք hang my towels և face. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it actually only takes 15 minutes – it’s worth the peace of mind. Be sure to inform the front desk on your weekends that you do not want to serve the maid; it is safe to wash thoroughly when returning home.


Cheap hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Western tourists may be distracted by looking for cheap hotels in Bangkok. Basic accommodation standard ideas vary depending on where you come from. Hiram և Heath’s from Houston can expect better facilities than Han’s from Hanoi, or even Henrogy և Anna’s from Harrogate (UK). Let me guide you. Be sure to stay luxurious in the Western style in one of the most familiar Western chains. The only problem is that they can be very expensive. Let’s say you stay in Bangkok at the Huntington or Marriott, you can be in New York, London or Cairo.

You want to stay in Bangkok, right? The good news is that there are many independent hotels in Bangkok that offer reasonable standards for comfortable accommodation. After all, who needs a wardrobe? Hangers are a big part, aren’t they?

You will probably know that Bangkok is the capital and primary city of Thailand. It is called in Thai Krung Thep Maha Nakhon: (or: Krung Thep: in a word, meaning “city of angels”). Bangkok has a population of over six million. The predominant religion is Buddhism, practiced by all but 5% of the city’s population. Most of the rest are Muslims with a scattering of Christians. Bangkok is a winter block with temples and gardens, plus a prosperous (let’s not forget) industry. One of the strengths of Bangkok is the fascinating blend of ancient Thai culture with Western-style capitalism.

This is my personal choice for the best cheap hotel (Bangkok).

The side of the New Siam River

21 Soi Chanasongkram Phra-A-Thit Road, Chanasongkram, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200:

Here is the house of the hotel with wonderful views, located on the Chaofaya River, near the Grand Palace. Fully air-conditioned, contains a coffee bar, a proper restaurant, a large swimming pool. As in many good hotels in Thailand, the beds are made of foam rubber. Each room is equipped with bedside control, cable TV and refrigerator. High speed Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. Not all rooms are smoking.

Relax when booking, as the banks of the New Siam River have two branches. Room prices start from 1390 baths (single). In one of the other hotels, the air-conditioned room starts at just $ 590 ($ 20). )

Silom City Hotel

2 Soi Prachum (Silom 22), Silom Road, Bangkok 10500:

Formerly known as the Silom City Inn, this hotel is located in the middle of Bangkok’s business district, close to every key shopping center. Silom’s is a short walk from major nightlife spots, such as Swan Lumpini Park, Bangkok Railway Terminal and River. It has 70 living rooms, all of which have air conditioning, a private closet, computer և fax connections, music system inside, color satellite TV և bathroom with rooms. The advertised weekly price starts at 1,150 baht (about $ 40) per night, but we are told it is possible to ship.


920-926 Rama4 Rd. (Surawongse junction, opposite the Red Cross Society), Silom District, Bangrak 10500,

The family, called TakeANap, is a family-run hotel with its own fan base. There is a mix of single, double և dormitory rooms starting at 350 bars per night ($ 12). Singles come in about $ 1,000 ($ 34). Great for backpacks, not so good for business travelers or tourist families. 30 single- double rooms are all decorated with different themes, most of them are designed to give you a headache after a lot of beer. TakeANap is very central, just a few meters from the sky train (BTS) և subway (MRT). TakeaNap is close to nightclubs, city center and market area. Wardrobe emissions should indicate that the rooms come with their favorite furniture items, but hangers և by rail. You will also be very lucky to get a refrigerator,

Place of Sivala

168 Isaraphab Soi 33 Isaraphab r Thra Pra Bangkok-Yai Bangkok 10600 Thailand

This apartment offers a huge value for everyone on a budget. Their smart studio homes range from $ 1,450 baht (under $ 50) per night, and double-entry apartments cost just over 100 baht. Wait for the queen-size beds բաղ bathroom bath, with showers equipped with six (count them) massage planes. The amenities are better than the average in Bangkok, from a fully stocked karaoke room to tennis, restaurants, cafes, and a huge chlorine-free pool, which is replaced by an ecologically clean O-zone non-chemical filtration system. Then there is the sauna, the “good karma” library, and the well-stocked games room. Sivala Palace is highly recommended.

These are some of the cheap hotels in Bangkok. Have a great time, let me know if you find any other diamonds.


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